5 Reasons Why I am Allowing My kids to be messy

Admit or not, some of us hate mess. I for one is not functioning well if I can see messy stuffs especially when I was still working. However, I am a firm believer that for kids this is different. My husband and I would like our kids to enjoy their childhood and so we bought them toys that they loved. We usually buy stuffs for our kids as gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas. We would want them to remember those toys as the gifts that we gave during those special occasions.

One way to enjoy their toys and activities at home is by allowing them to be messy. Sharing with you the top reasons why I do allow them to be messy.

  1. Motor skills development – I know someone who is not buying playdohs for their kids because of the untidiness that it could make. It’s really true and annoying to see clays on the floor, on the tables, couch, on their toys… everywhere.. However, this is a way of improving my daughter’s motor skills. It says that motor skills are the improvement of the muscles of the hands (fingers). If this will be developed, kids will not have difficulty doing tasks in school or at home.

So I just let my daughter use the playdoh.. I also enjoy playing with it. haha..

Smiley faces made out of playdoh

2. Exploring Creativity – My kids love to paint and painting could really create a lot of mess. However, I believe that this mess is a way for them to explore creativity. My eldest really loves drawing and painting. All the scratch papers that I had were used for her practicing..

One of my eldest daughter’s paintings

Since my eldest loves to paint, her sister also follows her..

3. Enjoyment at home – We don’t usually remember the things that we do when we were kids, however, the enjoyable moments are usually the ones that we recalled. I would like my kids to enjoy their childhood. There are restrictions but in terms of enjoyment on their playtime, I am really into it.

For the past months the play area of my youngest daughter is in our family room. We still don’t have a big couch there reason why I just put her toys there. It was really painful in the eyes at night seeing the mess she created. Good thing about my daughter, she is mindful of the mess and she would not go to sleep until she tidy things up.

And so, I decided to move her toys in her room (which is empty).. she is still sleeping with me.. She loved it when she saw her toys there. It was also a relieved for me, whenever it is messy, I will just close the door and voila!!! I cannot see the mess anymore.. Haha..

This is the vacant room..
This is the room now after I moved her toys.

4. Limiting screen time – This is one of the struggles of most of the moms nowadays.. How to limit the screen time of their kids… I still have to remind my daughters that they are already using their phones/ipad for a long time. By allowing them to just do what they want at home (without the phone), they can limit the time they spend on the screen.

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

5. Makes kids responsible – I think one of the reasons why my daughters tidy up their mess is because they can see how beautiful it is to see a well ordered place. When they are already finished on their activities or playing, I usually ask them to clean up. I think they are also aware of the amount of work I do at home reason why they are becoming responsible on their stuffs. This is one way also of disciplining my kids.. the only person that could tidy her mess, is herself. Though, at times I also help them because they would really could not make it tidier but most of the times, they are the ones who clean things up.


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