5 Steps in Cleaning the house thoroughly

I am scheduled to clean the house today.. Dust and furs of our cats are already visible. Extensive cleaning is a must! Haha.. I usually clean the house for 3 hours. Compared to others, our house is not that big. We have 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 3 toilets and 1 kitchen.. However, I really make sure that I am really cleaning it thoroughly.

Sharing with you my cleaning routine, what are the materials that I am using and how it makes me satisfied…

  1. I usually do my cleaning per room. Firstly, I wipe all the cabinets, shelves, tables, etc.. with a micro fibre clothe. I usually wash this clothe with detergent first then re-wash again after every room..

2. Then I will vacuum the floor. I make sure that all the corners and underneath places are cleaned by the vacuum.

3. After that, I mop the floor spraying multi-purpose liquid cleaner. I spray that first on the floor, then mop it.

4. After mopping, I usually use a humidifier in the room. I am doing this as my kids are allergic and I believe this could help them..

5. For my youngest daughter’s room, I usually clean the toys and the floor mat with alcohol also using the micro fibre clothe.

I do this routine every other 3 days.. for other days, I usually use this for teaching my daughters, cleaning the garden, washing clothes, buying groceries.. etc. I think this more productive than speed cleaning.






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