4 Easy Steps to fix shower knob

It’s a brand new week! Time is really fast when you are occupied. It’s good to have something to do everyday and you know that you spent your day fruitfully.

My weekend is kinda hectic, I should say, I did lot of chores here at home. Things that I need to do because no one else will do.. haha.

Anyway, the toilet of my daughter in our second floor is quite leaking. We cannot turn off the shower fully. So imagine the noise that it brought the whole evening for the past three days.. Haha..

I was suspecting that it has something to do with the shower knob. So I opened it and checked how I could fix it.

So here the five ways on fixing the knob of the leaking shower head.

  1. Using a flat screw, open the front head of the shower knob.

2. After you opened it, unscrew it using a philip screwdriver.

3. Turn the cover counter clockwise to open it.

4. Once you opened it, you will see the mechanism of the knob. In this case, upon investigation, this is the one that I needed to replace. I went to a hardware store and bought this mechanism. Once replaced, the shower leak was gone.

Being the only adult in the house, I should know how to fix these problems. I got a lot of tools here that are very useful especially when I need to do some plumbing.

My daughter is so thankful after the shower was fixed.. She was using our shower room for almost three days.






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