Fleas at Home

Since last week, I have been noticing something different on my youngest daughter’s skin.. Though I know she has sensitive skin but it seems like there are some insects biting her. I have some ointment here, recommended by her pediatrician, in case she will have some skin irritations or insect bites. I put some and it easily dried.

However, I felt something is not okay in our house.. I am so particular with cleanliness at home. I hate dusts and things unattended on the floor. When I felt something itchy on my skin, I became so irritated. My mom was here and she is also particular with tidiness and cleanliness, so she immediately bathed the two cats. Together with my eldest, they bathed the two cats, twice this week. They used this madre de cacao soap, I bought this because it was proven that this could eliminate the fleas on pets.

I am certain that the cats’ fleas are gone, however, there are still some roaming around the house.

These are the flea bites on my leg..

I was so busy for the past days and so it is only today that I have time to thoroughly clean the house. I always have baking soda at home. I have pets so I know there will really come a day when they will be infected with fleas.. I always vacuumed the house with baking soda.

So I put baking soda on our beds, couches and carpets, I left it for an hour. Then I vacuumed the whole house.

I also changed the beddings on our bedrooms. Wipe the top of the furnitures and appliances. I mopped the floor using a cleansing liquid detergent.

For some reasons, maybe psychologically, I felt that the house is somehow free from fleas. I will doing this cleaning routine more often as I want to really get rid of these unwanted visitors here at home.



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