Top 6 Filipino dishes during rainy days

Rainy days are here again in the Philippines. I love rainy days! I feel like our plants are having the buffet that they deserved. Having a typhoon is a different story though. I just love the drizzles and how my plants are blooming after each rain.

During these days also, I always see to it that we have enough foods at home. It’s nice to stay at home during rainy seasons. There’s not much to do outside the house.

Being a person who loves to cook, I always see to it that my kids would also enjoy this rainy season by remembering the dishes that I cooked.

Filipinos love to eat… We love to eat together. During rainy days, there are some specific foods that Filipinos love to eat. I would like to share with you some of those…

  1. Sopas – Macaroni Soup

This soup consists of chicken, carrots, potatoes, evaporated milk and some spices. We will actually prepare this tomorrow. My mom puts cheddar cheese on it too to make it tastier. It’s nice to eat this to make ourselves warm.

Macaroni Soup – Credit to the Owner

2. Champorado – Chocolate rice pudding

This is also a must-cooked during rainy days. This is made up of cocoa, glutinous rice and sugar. This is best served with dried fish. We definitely love this dish. Kids love this dish too.

Champorado – CTTO

3. Ginataang Bilo bilo

This is a mixture of glutinous rice, saba (variety of a banana), jackfruit, root crops, sugar and coconut milk. We really love the taste of this especially when it is freshly cooked.

Ginataang Bilo bilo – CTTO

4. Tinola

This is a chicken soup that is best eaten with rice. We put unripe papaya, ginger and moringa leaves on it. This is one of my youngest daughter’s favorites. This is what we ate today.

5. Bulalo

This is a beef soup, usually bone marrow part. I am actually not eating beef but this is my father’s favorite. During rainy days, he will ask my mother to cook this. My siblings also love this dish.

6. Arrozcaldo

Some call this as chicken rice porridge. I usually serve this with fried tofu, garlic and pork on top. Even if my children will eat this for the whole day, they will not complain about it.

I will share with you the recipe of each of these dishes. Tomorrow, I will be cooking sopas (macaroni soup). Please expect my blog to be a macaroni soup recipe.

Enjoy the rainy days…





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