Tips on how to Ease boredom for OFW

I have been blogging for almost three months now and if you read some of my blogs I mentioned there that my husband is in Singapore now, away from us for more than a year now. We have decided this set up because it is financially practical for us.

You may not be able to imagine how I sustain living without him (physically) for that long. But I think it is also unimaginable how my husband was able to cope up with us away from him. Between us, my husband is more patient on this journey. Even if he is the one who is alone and misses our children, he still manages to remind me to stay faithful that the day will come when we will be together again.

I would like to share you the things that my husband do to ease his boredom while living alone in Singapore.

  • Constant Video Calls
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It is more of a routine actually. My husband calls every time we are going eat. Through that, it is as if we are eating together. Sometimes, he calls in the morning before he reports to work and he always calls at night before we sleep.

  • Watching the CCTV cameras

We have CCTV cameras at home not only for safety reasons but also for my husband to see us whenever he wanted. He can also look after our kids through the camera. My kids listen to their father as this is one of the things that we taught them.

He sees my kids play, watch tv, play ukulele, fight (haha), when I cook, scold my kids, etc.. He is like “big brother” in the Big Brother house. (haha)

  • Read Books
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I know when my husband is utterly bored when he already reads book. Surprisingly, he managed to read a lot of books for a year of being away from us. I am so impressed on how he can sit down and be still reading a book. Books are a source of wider imagination and perspective in life. However, it is really not my cup of tea. I would like to read blog though.

  • Walking

After dinner, my husband would tell me that he will just have a walk. I know the area where he stays in Singapore because we lived there for almost 5 years. It was near a canal and have a nice pathway to walk. He usually finishes 10000 steps. He also do this for him to have a good sleep at night.

  • Watch movie/documentaries

Whoever invented Netflix is genius. Everything is there. All the categories that we wanted are there. My husband loves documentaries and he is always fascinated to watch those. He likes to watch movies too. We sometimes asked each other of the good movies to watch.

  • Listen to Podcast
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With listening to podcast we cling to Spotify. It is also a good source of knowledge especially on how to be motivated, what are the good investments, etc. It’s nice to hear good words from people who experience skills and hardships first hand. I also learned to listen to those and it is really motivating.

  • Biking

My husband and his colleagues at work usually do biking on weekends. They bike for hours targeting to go around Singapore. They usually manage to finish a distance of 50km or more.

  • Cook

Not only to ease boredom but because it is economical. My husband learned a lot of dishes. Some I taught him, some was taught by his father. He usually cooks vegetables, grilled fish and fried noodles.

  • Work Hard
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My husband’s performance at work is impeccable. This is because he can focus and concentrate a lot on his work. He is already like that, but it is enhanced because of his aim of making his mind busy.

Faith is what keeps us together. This is also what gives us the strength to move on and let the day pass.



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