My Amanda Movie

The night before yesterday, I finally had a chance to watch this movie called “My Amanda”. This is a Filipino movie based on two people who were bestfriends but they are of opposite gender. The takeaway of the movie was for people to be aware that platonic relationships do exist. And I firmly believe on that because I also have a “boy” bestfriend since college since, whom I haven’t spoken for years till yesterday.

So after I watched the movie, I grabbed the phone and finally called my friend. It has been 9 years, I think, that we did not speak to each other. It was so surreal like it was only yesterday that we did not communicate. Having known that he is good in Canada with his family makes me happy. We have been inseparable before and never imagined that we could be “family people” even if we are so childish.. haha.

Oh my, it seemed like yesterday, I remember vividly our adventures together doing everything for my crush to notice me.. Haha. He was there during those times. The never ending talks and bullying that we have in school and in our home.

It was really good to have a guy friend, especially during our teens because personally, I was able to know guys well. What they think about girls, how to win them (haha!), what they usually want to talk about.. Since I was boyish before, I really did not find myself being so close to a girl like how I was close to my bestfriend. I was easy-go-lucky when I was a teen and I was not into a lot dramas especially when it is about boys.. Something that most of the teen girls were having problems about.

I know our story is far from the movie. The movie was good but I found it a little boring.. Sorry! Maybe because my sister told me hints of how it will end. Why did I find it boring? Because it was somehow predictable. I mean not because I somehow knew the ending, but you will already know the next scene of the movie. Did I expect the man to profess his feeling to the girl? I honestly did not.

I just remembered my good friend after watching the movie and I am thankful that it opened doors for us to communicate again. I am so excited to meet his family and for him to meet mine. I am sure he will get along well with my husband. I don’t know when it will happen but I know it will.






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