My Garden after the Rain

Weather nowadays is unpredictable.. Every morning, the sun is shining brightly then in the afternoon the rain is pouring. I am loving the weather though. I think I am used to this kind of weather just like when we were in Singapore.

It’s kind of cold already because Christmas season is coming.. The coldness in the afternoon invites me to always take a sip of hot ginger tea.

Because of the homeschooling and errands I needed to finish for the other house, I was not able to visit our garden. The grasses visibly need to be trimmed. Some of the leaves need to be cut.. Flowers bloomed.. vegetables grew..

Time flew so fast.. This garden was so bare when we got here in this house. The soil was not good for gardening and so I literally roamed around the town to see if there are some construction going on where I could ask for soil. Fortunately, I found one. There was a hospital to built on that area and so there are a lot of soil that needs to be disposed. I asked the foreman if I could have some and he said yes. I looked for a truck (hardware stores) and rented it. My siblings were here that time and they helped me spread the soil.

We planted two pine trees and other plants that we bought in the nearby town where a lot of nice plants are being sold. Look at it now.. There are 4 roses there but I think it was not caught by the camera in the picture.

These are my two rose plants.. The flowers bloomed after the rain. They are so lovely.. I haven’t experienced growing plants before. It’s really amazing to look at.

The other two rose plants have red flowers.. They have buds already.

I got so amazed also seeing an improvement on my little vegetable garden. Last week, it was a little heartbreaking to see my tomatoes and eggplants die. However, when I saw the bell peppers coming out, I felt so happy.

Gardening is relatively new to me. It’s a learning experience for me seeing the ups and downs of my plants.. Haha.. I would not give up on this gardening habit because there are results and it is really therapeutic.

I have been planting for only 6 months and so I can give you few tips for now. I had some tips on my previous blog about fertilizers that are available at home. Natural fertilizers are very effective. I always keep the peelings of the vegetables, mixed in the soil then put on the plants. This works for me.



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