Tales of Online Selling in the Philippines

I miss writing here, seeing people reading my blog post really makes me happy. I was quite busy the past few days because I again became active on selling online. I got some children’s clothes that I bought March of this year however, for some reasons sales were not okay. I decided to take a break with selling then come back this October since Christmas is coming.

Sales were good for the past few days. I was so delighted because a lot were interested on the products that I am selling. So far, I have shipments everyday.

However, I must admit that sales entail a lot of work. I need to manage my time well because I am homeschooling and there are lots of queries about the products that I post in facebook. Let me share to you some hilarious questions that some people ask.

“Free Shipping?” I am selling my products at the lowest because I wanted to replace it with other clothes that I know would be more marketable. My margin is less than a dollar and yet some people were asking for free shipping. Some even live hundreds of miles from our place. I would reply to them that I only have a little margin and cannot afford for free shipping. (This is not charity.)

“Can we use Lalamove to deliver to our place?” This is by far the most hilarious question that I had. Lalamove is a courier that uses motorcycle to deliver parcels. Motorcycle! The person who asked me question is from Mindanao.. The only way to get there is through airplane or ship. The person kept on insisting how much would it cost, even if I told her a lot of times that I am from Luzon. She acted like she was the one irritated because I don’t know the cost. Oh my!

“How much?” – Yes this is a usual question.. however this is okay if the person would tell you which item she is referring to. A lot are asking me this and I don’t know which item they are saying. Besides, the price is already in the description of the picture. I am not sure why they still need to ask.

“Can you send me pictures of the items?” – It is in my facebook page.. Why do I need to send all to you? (Of course, I did not say that) I tell you, they are serious about these questions.

“How much is the blue, yellow and green dress?” – My facebook page has more than 50 clothes already. I really need to look for the blue, yellow and green dress? I bet this person doesn’t know screen shot or save photo in her phone.

“Cash on Delivery” – It was crystal clear in my facebook page that the mode of payment is thru Gcash or bank transfer and yet a lot still ask for cash on delivery payment. Oh, and facebook will give you a status of not responding fast.. How can I respond to a lot of COD requests? When it is already mentioned that it is not possible.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.. I am just saying the tales of online selling here in the Philippines. I am grateful also to meet young mothers who are so excited to buy for their children. I can feel them.

I will be continuing this online selling because I enjoy it. It is just a matter of time management and prioritizing.






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