A Post from my Daughter

Hi everyone! My daughter’s topic in her computer class is about websites (blogs, social medias, etc). She needed to explore the blog providers just like this WordPress. And so, I asked her to write a short blog of how she spent life during this pandemic. Enjoy!


The pandemic has been a bit bad lately and the spread of covid has worsen but the Lord is still promising to keep us safe. In the mean time let me discuss on what I did around covid.

During the pandemic I have been doing a few hobbies to make me more used to the pandemic like drawing, playing music and more , while I was doing a few hobbies 2 or 3 days ago it was my mom’s sisters birthday which means my cousin, aunt, lolo (grandfather) and uncle came to our house, they arrived 2 or 1 days before the birthday that’s when I started to like the pandemic more

the first thing that happened when they were here was swimming but only my sister could swim cause me and my cousin had period and the rest are busy so we just watched her play and my cousin and I also played a few games as well. next was that we ate a lot of food there was fish pork spring rolls and a lot more they were all so good, I have also been doing some stuff with my cousin like playing, drinking ice coffee, making jokes and teasing my sister, it was already getting better and they just came what might happened tomorrow.

The next day was actually kind of normal but the only thing that was not normal was seeing my cat bathed by my lola its because the cats hate baths so it was suprising and I was happy about it.

Now this day was the day my mom’s sisters birthday! there was a lot of food again and they took pictures and stuff and my sister got to use the pool again it was all fun I also got to play a little with my sister, it was all amazing there was also a few drinks so of course I drank some, after hours it was evening, my cousin and the adults were drinking alcohol and ate a few chips and fries I only came there for the fries and a few chips it tasted really good and that’s when my auntie’s birthday about to end. My cousin and I are just making a few jokes and we all went to sleep.

The next day was the goodbye , we went to Tagaytay and stayed there for a few hours and left. That’s when it was all normal again so what I do now is just study, playing, and more so basically the pandemic is going well in my opinion.

And that’s the end! Sorry that it was very short its because I did not know what to really say so I just thought about my auntie’s birthday and thank again for reading this its been a pleasure I hope that there will be more stories to share with you.





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