What to expect in IKEA Philippines?

We moved last February 2021 here in our new house and we kept on contemplating if we will have built-in cabinets or the usual cabinets that can be moved. I am really not into the built-in cabinets because I wanted to move furniture once in a while. We’ve been searching online, going to various furniture shops just to find an affordable and quality cabinets and wardrobes.

Until the news of IKEA’s opening spread around the Philippines through vlogs and social medias. I was extremely excited, knowing that IKEA is known to have affordable and good quality furniture.

As many of you know we lived in Singapore for almost 8 years and I am very familiar with IKEA. Singapore has two IKEA stores and we really love to shop there. Maybe it comes with age but we are really fascinated with the show rooms, furniture designs and prices. While we were shopping we were leaving our children in the play area inside IKEA.

Since my husband is already in Singapore, I went in IKEA Philippines alone to buy the wardrobes and cabinets. It is quite far from our house, around 37 km. I really didn’t mind driving that far as long as we could save money with the furniture that we will buy.

It can be located so easily. It’s just beside the Mall of Asia. The parking is really huge and I could say very affordable.

I arrived there around 1 in the afternoon and I was so hungry. Surprisingly the queue in the restaurant is quite long. There are tables and chairs though. The security guard was really controlling the people going inside.

I am in a diet now and I was supposed to not eat rice but I felt I needed to skip the diet because of my favorite fried chicken wings.

The restaurant is located at the 4th floor and beside it are already the show rooms. It is said that IKEA Philippines is the biggest IKEA in the whole world. Since I was able to go to other IKEA stores in Singapore, I could really say that IKEA Philippines is enormous. I spent almost 1 1/2 hours wandering and mesmerizing the show rooms. It was really inspiring to see various room decors. A lot many than of other IKEA stores. You would see room decors of living rooms, patios, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.. It’s really fascinating.

I took photos of the tags of the furniture that I wanted to buy. The tag looks like this..

These tags have the information you needed for the furniture. It has the measurements, instructions, location in the storage area where you could pick the furniture if you want to bring it home and not avail the delivery. Note the rack and section numbers to locate it.

I was constantly communicating with my husband about the wardrobes and cabinets that I was planning to buy. I had a lot of options and before we decided to buy we finalized first what we really wanted.

So, I went to the market hall in the 3rd floor and here you would see a lot of choices for house needs and decors. These are for the entire house.. You may want to visit this blog (SNEAK PEEK: Inside IKEA’s First Store in the Philippines) and see what’s inside the market hall. Oh my! You would really plan to be there when you see what’s inside.

I spent more than 3 hours there and finally I was able to order for the wardrobes and asked for delivery at home. Some of those that we chose, were out of stock and so I needed to change some of the previously agreed items. The delivery was not really expensive, considering how far our place is and the traffic going there.

Since I saw some of the items in IKEA in person, I could buy some that we needed through online. The virus is still very active here and we still need to be careful.



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