Exploring Creativity

Hello everyone! How are you all? Life of a stay-at-home-mom is really unpredictable. There are lots of errands here and there and lots of projects coming inside my head. I have been missing reading blogs and updating you guys with what is happening in my life. So, last Saturday was my husband’s birthday and he is not here with us.. I have been keeping my mind busy with the house chores and projects here at home. There are things that I wanted to explore as basically, I am still new in exploring the wonders of being a stay-at-home mom.

I am currently venturing in arts, one of my frustrations because I really wanted to paint. I was really intimidated when it comes to painting because I thought it was really hard. Upon seeing a beautiful painting, I instantly mesmerized and at the same overwhelmed with “maybe” a lot of works of that art.

Though, I was intimidated, I decided to try it. For the longest time, finally I got my paint brush, paints and pads. I bought these last year but I just asked my daughters to use it (except for the paints, I bought them their own).

I really wanted to put some decors at home with our own paintings. Since we already have nice cabinets here in our rooms, I decided to pursue painting.

This is the first painting that I did.. I had painting sessions with my daughters. I know they will also follow whenever I will paint. My eldest daughter taught me on how to do some strokes. Though she is more on coloring, she knew also how to do shadowing and color combinations. When we were in Singapore, she went to an art class.

This is the second painting that I did. My youngest daughter was with me when I was painting this. She was also painting flowers. L is the initial of my eldest child and I wanted to frame this and put in her room. I also did a little make over of her room because I wanted her to feel happy whenever she is in her room.

The third painting that I did was for our room. The theme of our room is blue. I wanted it to be blue because we are all girls in the house except for my husband. And so our room could be a color for him.

This is the picture after I painted it.. Again, I just want to give a disclaimer that I am new to this.. Haha.. I hope I will improve soon.

I framed it also and put it on our cabinet. Curtains, pillows and bedsheet of our room is blue and so the painting really matches everything inside.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity of exploring into arts. I would not have time to do this if I am still working. I was doing these painting with my daughters. They are always excited when we sit down to paint or do something together.


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  1. Olivia Avatar

    Thank you for sharing!


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