A Day in a Life of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Today, is the second day after I had booster shot against Covid-19. I am feeling a little odd however as a mom, I still feel the need to do my tasks at home. Let me share with you what I usually do at home.. Actually, it differs from time to time especially when I see some urgent things to do.

8:00 AM – Time I wake up. Yes, we are late risers. My youngest daughter sleeps with me and so I opted to stay a little longer on bed because she easily wakes up whenever I left her. From this, I checked if the cats have foods, usually my mom would feed them. I take out the cats poops too.

8:15 AM – My kids will wake up. I am just preparing cereals for them. We have some time on the table talking about their sleep and if they have have some dreams… what they need to do during the day.

9:00 AM – I bathe my youngest daughter. She is still 5 and I still want to bathe her. This is one of our bonding moments.

She is the one preparing for the things she needed after bathing. She also knew when she needs to bathe.

After bathing, I usually check her ears and nails. Today, I need to cut her nails too.

I am checking on my eldest daughter also as she needs to have lessons at 10 in the morning. I am instructing her of the activities she needs to do for Science. If she has some questions, she will come to me for discussion.

10:30 AM – Time to cook lunch. I prepared the chicken for cordon bleu recipe. Oh, I also went out to buy butter and bread crumbs because I run out of stocks.

I made cheese gravy too for the cordon bleu. I always wanted my children to have delicious meals everyday. I believe, we can also save a lot by cooking our own foods.

I used the air fryer to fry the chicken. I always choose to use air fryer because I believe this is healthier.

While I was doing the cooking, I was also teaching my youngest daughter on how to write number five. She was able to write it nicely.

12:00 PM – Time to eat lunch. My children loves the cordon bleu with cheese gravy matched with rice. Oh how I love when my children eats well.

1:00 PM – This is the break time for me. Today, I feel tired because of the vaccine effect and so I really slept.

2:00 PM – I instructed my daughter of the activities she will do for her next subject. She had some questions to answer based on the past lesson.

2:30 PM – I started to do some chores at home.

I stitched my youngest daughter’s stuffed toy. She has been complaining about it for the past two days already.

I cleaned the fans too because of the furs of cats. I always see to it that the fans are clean and fur-free.

I was busy last Monday and Tuesday and so I felt that I did not clean the house well reason why I vacuumed thoroughly. I always wanted our house to be clean and cozy.

4:00 PM – It’s time for my daughter’s Math lessons. I need to guide her on Math and so I really need to sit with her for the lessons.

During her activities, I fixed her study table as the shelves were broken already.

5:00 PM – Rest time. I ate the chocolate cake that I bought yesterday. I am a bit tired and sleepy and so I had coffee.

My husband suggested for me to buy foods for dinner. I checked if there are available foods for delivery that my kids would love. When I saw one, I immediately ordered.

I was excited too because I would want to follow my dreams of learning how to sew. I will share to you this journey in one of my blogs. I bought a small portable sewing machine. The fabrics were delivered today. I thought I could start the sewing already but the threads are still not here.

5:45 PM – My brother is here today and he was going for a walk. He asked me if I wanted to join. I joined his walking exercise. We walked for about an hour, 5 kilometers.

6:30 PM – When I arrived from walking my husband told me that exercising is not allowed after the booster shot. He said, I should be mindful of what my body feels.

We ate dinner already.

7:30 PM – I prepared the lessons of my eldest daughter for tomorrow. During this time, I was also playing with my youngest daughter. We kept singing.

9:00 PM – I am now making this blog.

9:30 PM – Time for my daughter to sleep.

10:00 PM – It’s time for me to watch movies or documentaries.

11:30 PM – Time to sleep

How about you? Would you mind sharing your schedule too? Please share in the comment section, I would love to read those.






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