My Eldest Daughter’s Birthday

My husband and I always celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Even in our own little ways, we felt the need to celebrate those because it is a blessing to reach such milestone in our lives. A year full of blessings and love from God is something that need to be celebrated.

Last Friday, we celebrated my eldest daughter’s birthday. She is now 12 years old.. we are now of the same height (5 feet) and I think eventually after a few months she will be way taller than me.

Lau is one of the ultimate prayers to God. She was given when my husband and I were ready. We had a whirlwind love story however Lau was part of our plan as a couple. We never expected that we will be gifted a loving and sweet child. She made us so matured and responsible. I myself changed a lot because of my daughter.

We have some similarities like being boyish sometimes, careless, art enthusiasts, music minded, etc.. She has also her father’s characteristics like being serious sometimes, eating fast, not liking parties and being homebodies.

I am knowing my daughter more now that I am staying at home with her. I can monitor what she is doing, what are her likes and interests. We always wanted her to choose of things that will matter to her. We are just here to guide her. I think my being with her is really helpful especially at this age which I think is critical. They needed to have somebody to guide her.

Since my daughter is really not interested to parties, I thought of us going to a resort instead and spend the night there. My husband is not here with us and so I invited my siblings and my parents. Lau was not interested at first but I made sure that she will enjoy. I prepared some meat and seafoods to grill. We had boodle fight and she enjoyed eating so much.

There were few guests in the resort and so from 3 in the afternoon until 7 in the evening the pool was all ours. My children were so happy to swim. I can see my two daughters had a good time.

It’s an ultimate blessing to be a parent and for God to give me this responsibility of taking good care of two lovely girls. I will forever be grateful for this gift.


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