Philippines National Election 2022

I cannot recall when was the last time I voted for the president or vice president of our country. During elections I was always outside the Philippines and really did not have a chance to exercise my right to vote.

Since I am already here in the Philippines and I could sense the need of voting for the betterment of our country, I really worked on the registration. Few months after we moved here in our new home, I went to our local government office to register.

Election here in the Philippines is always interesting. This year became more engaging because of the candidates. I would not discuss further whom I voted but I voted for the people who have good track records and had proven actions towards the people of the Philippines.

I never thought that voting would be very smooth.. The queue was expected to be long but systematically, it was okay.

The Commission on Election had this precinct finder where we could locate the exact place where we would vote. I checked all the precinct locations of my parents and siblings and sent the snapshot to them.

I came alone in the voting area.. there are many people there. The queue was quite long. People were very excited to vote. No one talks about their candidates. Maybe to avoid any arguments or fights. That was good, at least it was peaceful.

I was standing next to a lady whom I presumed was on her early 30’s. She looked so uneasy when we were on the queue. I thought on some point that she was pregnant. Her husband told her, that she should just tell the person-on-duty that she is pregnant. I asked her, and she said she is not.

The queue is long and we were there for an hour or so. All of a sudden the lady told me that she is scared to vote because she hasn’t voted for the longest time. And that answered the question in my mind, why she looked uneasy. I told her, we were the same. I said, we just need to shade whom we will vote for. I even wrote the names of the senators in case I will forget.

When it was her time to vote, she said goodbye to me. I saw that she was relieved.

I was wondering if she was also feeling anxious like me about the result of the election. I really prayed hard last night that whoever wins, it will be the one that God permitted to lead.

This is the mark that we already voted here in the Philippines, this indelible ink. This is very significant. I never felt this concern about our country. Maybe because I already have children..

Whatever the outcome is, I hope it would be for the good of many.





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