My Happy 5-Year-Old Daughter

I always hear my husband that my children are very lucky to have me with them. I am always there for them but now that I am a stay-at-home-mom, I am physically with them. I always feel happy when my husband acknowledges my presence with my children.

I know for a fact that time flies so fast. I still remember vividly the times when I was still pregnant with my daughters, but now here they are a 12-year-old pre-teen lady and a 5-year-old one, I wanted them to remember that their parents did their best for them to have a good childhood. We wanted them to be comfortable at home so that they would not seek for any other things outside our home.

Unlike my eldest daughter (I was still working before), I am so hands-on with my youngest. I cook for her, bath her, teach her, etc. I am with her 24/7. I can hear her saying “mama” for over a million times a day. I am enjoying it.

I, sometimes, am very busy with the household chores but I see to it that I could have time to still play with her.

I could say that she is an extrovert person reason why she always wanted to go outside. She would greet every child she sees. We often stroll around the village in the afternoon.

The other day, while we were walking around the village, we noticed that there is a basketball tournament in our subdivision. My daughter was very eager to watch. We did not know whom to cheer for, but she enjoyed watching it.

It’s good that my daughter discovers things with me.

Playing with her is another interesting activity. I can see how creative she is and happy to be playing with me. The gap between my eldest and youngest is 7 years, and so they are not much into playing together.

I always cook for my children. Amongst the dishes that I am cooking, they have their favorites already. At least they will remember their mom to be cooking their favorite dishes. My youngest daughter loves sinigang (this is a tamarind soup with pork and vegetables) and spaghetti with tomato sauce (Filipino style). I love it when I see them so excited to be eating meal.

I can say that my children have a happy childhood. My husband though far from them is always there.. only a video call away. Now that the pandemic eased, my husband will be able to come home more often.





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