Vegetable Garden at Home

I remembered when we were small, whenever we will eat meal in my grandparents house, they used to prepare vegetables freshly picked in their garden. I always wanted that. For the longest time, it is only during the past year that I had the chance to do that.

We used to live in Singapore and lived in flats. I was busy then, reason why I did not consider planting on pots.

I got so excited the first time I tried planting vegetables in here our house. There is a small space here that I don’t consider putting anything else than vegetables. I tried, however, I think I failed.

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I have to admit that I did not plan on where I will plant the seedlings that I had before. I somehow planted them anywhere on the garden. Basil next to spinach.. Papaya trees next to onions. They grew so nicely however, the papaya trees gave up. My garden did not looked nice. Plants everywhere.. It was not organized.

I had three papaya trees last year. When they were already tall and as a proud parent, I was so amazed. One by one it started to die. Maybe papaya trees are kind of sensitive and should not be planted next to other plants.


I need my plants to be protected whenever there is typhoon. Philippines is really prone to typhoons hence gardens need to be protected too. This time I put the seedlings in pots so that I could moved the plants to a safe place when there is typhoon.

Starting New

Last month, I went to my grandfather’s farm to get soil as it said to be good and fertilized.

I got three sacks of this.. Look at the color, it really looks like a good soil.

I bought some seeds in the grocery store. I bought chili pepper, tomato, basil and parsley. My grandfather gave me seedlings of eggplant and chilis. I prepared the seeds that I bought and planted the seedlings that my grandfather gave me.

Seedlings grew after few weeks. Parsley hasn’t grown yet. I thought it is time for the others to put in the pot already.

The soil that I got from my grandfather’s garden had some rocks and so I needed to separate those first. After that, I put some eggshells and decomposed vegetable peelings.



In the middle is the basil that I newly planted then beside it are chili pepper (left side)
and eggplant (ride side) that my grandfather gave me.

Hopefully, this time, it would be successful. I am so excited to see them growing.





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