Seizing the Opportunity to Enjoy

June has been one of my busiest months. My husband who is working in Singapore is able to work here in the Philippines (work from home) for a month starting last June 4. Though he is working, every weekend was the time to enjoy our family’s adventures and get-aways.

My husband asked permission from his boss for this set-up because of my eldest daughter’s year 6 graduation. This is something that my husband don’t want to miss as this is a milestone for our dear daughter.


For two consecutive weeks, I became busy sending my daughter to school for the graduation practices. Since the school is quite far from our house, I needed to wait for her until they finished the practice. It’s an opportunity to relax from household chores but I am thinking of my 5 year old daughter bogging my husband while working.

I was quite emotional during my daughter’s graduation because I felt relieved that we were able to survive the lockdown here in the Philippines, the homeschooling, the feeling of being alone with my daughters… This is like a graduation for me too (hopefully!)… with the pandemic and lockdowns.. with being alone with my daughters.

I am so proud of my eldest daughter because she was able to study with my supervision. During those times when there was strict lockdown here in the Philippines, she was only 10 years old then, I will leave my then 3 year old daughter with her for me to quickly buy groceries. Children were not allowed to go outside that time. It was quite an experience.. I am so grateful for my daughter.

On my daughter’s graduation, I can see how excited she was seeing us (her parents) together for her. I thank God that He allowed this to happen. We, as a family, were able to celebrate my daughter’s milestone.


Everyday is a quality time for us. Especially since my husband will be coming back to Singapore, we always want our daughters to remember each time we are having fun. We go to malls, watch movie, go to carnivals.

It’s quite an experience for my children. We explore nearby places here. We are near to Tagaytay, Laguna and Batangas.. These are where some of the major tourist spots are located. It is only this time that we have an opportunity to explore.

We went to some places that we were just hearing. At least now we know what they looked like. We are exploring foods and nearby restaurants too.


One of my passions is cooking. I know my husband is not eating well in Singapore.. or maybe not eating delicious dishes in Singapore. Haha.. I am claiming that my recipes are delicious. Well, my husband said so. Haha.

I often cook for him. I let him eat foods that I learned to cook during lockdowns.. like the Korean fried chicken, Vietnamese spring rolls.. etc. He likes vegetables and so I always cook nice vegetable soup for him.

I know he gained weight during his stay but he would find time to exercise in Singapore when he got back there.


My husband and I do a lot of talking.. We always share ideas and thoughts. This is one of the usual things that we do when we are together.

It’s good to have plans for the future. It is good to know that we have same sentiments and goals.






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