Why Am I Blogging?

First of all, I would like to apologize to some of you who are actively reading my blog. It’s been a month since I had my last post.. believe me, I have been trying to find time to write however my earthly body had been giving up at night. I felt like I needed to lie down and take some time to rest.

You might be asking me, why am I blogging? Is this to have an extra income (which I think is really not feasible, given the time I am spending here in my blog)? Or for my passion in writing? Or to release stress and anxieties?

Well, this is also my question to myself. The time when I decided to blog, and to buy a domain.. my plan is really just to write. I love writing my thoughts and my feelings. People totally hooked to my blog is a plus factor however my goal is really to share and release my feelings.

May of last year, there are lots of questioning in my mind because the pandemic was so uncertain. That time, I haven’t seen my husband for two years and we just moved in our new house. I had some anxieties too because of a trauma that I would want to overcome. The trauma of trusting again.. Well, this is not about my husband, but for a person whom I trusted the most.

I had journals before where I put all my thoughts there. Until, I thought of sharing my thoughts to people instead through blogging.

Little by little when vaccination against Covid-19 was implemented, things are getting back to normal. My husband was able to visit us quite a few times already. He spent Christmas with us, birthdays and even worked from home here in the Philippines for a month. I felt so secured.

My husband is my bestfriend. I believe I am his likewise.. We tend to get strength from each other. These past few months, even without talking we know what we feel. We spent a lot of times together, building some memories with our children again.. Something that the pandemic took from us.

And shall I say, this is one of the reasons why I was not able to write in my blog more often.

However, since my happiness is overflowing.. I would want to share with you things that I do everyday. Thoughts that come my way. I would like to invite you to my journey of being a housewife of an OFW (maybahay ng Overseas Filipino Worker).

Please stay and ride with me in this journey. See you!





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