Sweet and Sour

The sun was shining brightly this morning.. I was so excited to see my plants especially the roses. I had a glimpse of the flowers yesterday through the window while it was raining.

I got four rose plants.. This is one of them.

Look how the flowers bloomed because of the rain. I feel so grateful.

I scheduled myself to clean the whole house.. vacuum, mop, thorough cleaning. However, heavy rain fell and I felt a little lazy and I would want to enjoy the coldness of the afternoon. I decided to lie down and watch a movie.

A blogger and facebook influencer mentioned a South Korean movie called Sweet & Sour, she mentioned that it is a good movie, a lot of lessons to learn and the ending has a nice twist. I was intrigued by her post and commented that I will definitely watch it.. She also mentioned that it is about long distance relationship, something that I can relate to.

The top 5 movies in the Philippines in Netflix (as of the moment)

The movie isn’t really about long distance relationship.. I wouldn’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s a good movie actually, there are a lot take away on handling relationships.

If you watched the movie, I think you would agree with me that even if you are apart from your partner, communication is always the key to stay together.. Time and effort should always be the priority. Distance is a factor but it is not always the case. I know some people who are having marital problems (infidelity) even if they are living together, they are not apart, but the other half still looked for somebody else.

Miscommunication is also a factor of major conflicts. If no one knows how to listen, if the other keeps on nagging, the other holds the thoughts, both are not completely honest, it could be a relationship disaster.

Pity are the people who give up on their marriage because of miscommunication.. Miscommunication that led to disintegration of feelings.

If you want a lasting relationship with your partner, I recommend that you watch this movie..

Still raining here in the Philippines..







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