IKEA Furnitures Arrived

Since we moved here in our new house, we haven’t had good wardrobes and cabinets. My husband and I were contemplating if we are to have built-in cabinets or movable ones. Since IKEA Philippines is already opened, and we knew how durable the furniture there, we then decided not to pursue on the built-in cabinets.

I was really anticipating the day when the furniture arrives. Firstly, because I am excited, especially that I already visualized what arrangement I would do for our room and my daughter’s room. Secondly, is because my brother is here at home and I could ask him to assist me in assembling the furniture.

When there was no IKEA Philippines yet, my husband sent some tables from IKEA Singapore. It was very hard for me to assemble. The assembly instructions are really not complicated, but the heaviness of the wood made it extremely hard for me.

This time, we bought two wardrobes and two cabinets. I know it will be hard for me to assemble reason why I asked my brother to come over to help me. I told my husband before that if we are to buy furniture from IKEA, he should be here in the Philippines, else, I really could not assemble it.

In the afternoon of January 22 when we received the furniture, my brother immediately started the assembly. He managed to do it quite fast. The instructions of IKEA’s furniture assembly is really easy to follow. They have booklets to follow the procedure.

While my brother was assembling the furniture, I was already preparing the clothes and the room where we would place those.

This is the room while I was still arranging. I changed a bit of the arrangement. I wanted to have more room for my crafts and activities for my daughter’s homeschooling.

The next day, my brother started the furniture for my daughter’s room. Here, I am quite excited because I really wanted my daughter to feel comfy in her room. We bought her a full size mirror. There’s a lot of shopping needed for my daughter as her old clothes don’t fit her anymore.

My daughter’s room

We always teach our daughters about cleanliness and orderliness. I know through our example, our children will also value these traits.

I am still thinking of some decors to put in my daughter’s room. We would want our daughters to, as much as possible, feel very comfortable in their room.






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