Stay at Home Mom Duties After Covid

Hi there! Woooaaahh! It’s been a while since I last posted here in my blog. Time flew so fast. I always wanted to update you guys of what I am doing lately but in a blink of an eye, my children need to sleep and I too need to rest.

If you are new in my blog, I would like to welcome you and I hope you too are having a good time because Covid cases ease. Restrictions lessen and somehow we are free to move. I am a stay-at-home mom from the Philippines.. However, my husband is working abroad and goes home from time to time. Pandemic hit us so hard that my husband was not able to come home for almost two years. It was really hard on my part.

Since I am relatively alone here in the Philippines, managing our house and taking care of our children, the amount of work and things to be done are enormous. The day to day activity is never ending. However, as the time goes by, I learned how to manage my time and pursue on some of my passions.

For those who have been reading my blog since day 1, I would like to apologize for not updating you of what was going on lately. Since the cases here in the Philippines dropped done, the restrictions lessen, I did a lot of errands outside the house.

School for my Children

My eldest is in homeschooling. I am the one who teaches her for two years now (since the pandemic started). She will be graduating elementary this August. My husband and I decided to submit application for junior high school in my alma mater. I submitted documents that they needed and prepared her for an interview. It’s good that she was accepted.

My youngest who is 5 years old needs to be enrolled in school also. I have been looking for a good school nearby but I am not sure of the quality of education that the schools nearby bring. And so, I also applied to the sister school of my alma mater. My youngest daughter needed to be interviewed also. She needed to take an exam. It’s good that she was able to answer well in the interview and in the exam. She is also accepted in school.

My children haven’t seen the schools in person. I am planning to visit the schools with my daughters maybe next week or when my husband will be here in the Philippines.

Children’s Day Out

A lot of children nowadays are going to the mall. When we were in Singapore, our house was very near the mall and so we were always there strolling and having some time together. Since my children had their first dose of anti-Covid vaccine and the number of cases dropped, I asked my husband if we could go out and spend some time in the mall.

When I told my children that we were going to the mall the next day, they were very excited and could barely sleep the night before.

My husband told me to buy them shoes. We bought some clothes also for them. They were so excited to roam around the mall and to choose the shoes they wanted.

We ate in a Japanese restaurant and my children were so happy to finally taste a different cuisine other than Filipino food. They found the ramen very tasty and the meat delicious.

My youngest remembered the time when she was going to a play house (am I correct?). We looked for it inside the mall and luckily there is an enormous one there. I thought my eldest would not be interested to go inside but she also missed the times when she was playing.

The playhouse is so huge.. There’s a lot to do there. There are slides, pool of balloons, a place to run, to bike, to play pretend, to play blocks and a lot more.

My youngest can’t get enough of the time she was there in the playhouse. She wanted to come back when we arrived home.

Sewing Hobby

My husband bought me a sewing machine because I was very interested in sewing. I haven’t sewed in my life. I was so scared to use a heavy duty sewing machine, but now I am use to it. I always want to sew and do a lot of projects here at home. I am doing this on weekends though because I need to assist my eldest in school. My youngest daughter is also so demanding on attention and so I really cannot concentrate.

If you saw on my last blog, I started to do the cover of our sofa. I found it very hard especially because of the fabric that I bought. It was quite heavy and bulky.

In this project, I decided to make a cover of our dining chairs. I bought a different type of fabric which is called cretona. I made pattern for the four chairs so that it would be easier for me to cut the fabric.

I learned a lot sewing in this project. How to sew properly by using the sewing machine well. I chose a yellow fabric because the curtains in our house are somehow color yellow.

The next weekend, I started my next project which is more complicated than the first two. This is really the main reason why I wanted to sew.. to make a cover on our bigger sofa. Reason behind this is because our cats loved to scratch on that sofa. Since, I thought I already know how to use the sewing machine properly, I decided to start making the cover of our big sofa.

My time for sewing is only at 3 in the afternoon as I need to attend to my children’s needs like cooking, bathing my 5 year old. Also to do the house chores like cleaning the house and washing clothes. If I have all the time to do this project, I could finish this easily… Ooooppss, I am not complaining, I am happy that instead of using my phone, I am achieving something during my spare time at home.

This is the finished product. I am so happy and contented at my work. I am quite perfectionist in terms of how it will fit on the sofa. I finally was able to finish it with satisfaction.

So these are the things that I did lately. I felt happy to be achieving a lot of things here at home. I still want to do some things especially in our garden but I am still hooked with the sewing. I have plans on how I will pursue my sewing hobby. I will share that to you also.

How about you? What are the things that you are doing lately since the pandemic eases already?



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