Out and About After Philippine Election 2022

Life must go on.. We still need to live and continue.

Last night, I checked our groceries if it still sufficient for my children. My eldest daughter loves to drink milk and my youngest would always want to eat something. I just noticed that my daughter already finished the milk. I decided to go to the grocery store today. I asked my youngest daughter to come with me.

We were just planning to buy few stuffs and so I planned to go to a not-so-big grocery store nearby. My husband said it is better to buy more groceries already as the payday here in the Philippines is always on the 15th of the month. If I will do that next week, there might be many people in the grocery store.

I followed my husband. My daughter and I ended up going to a much bigger grocery store which is quite far from our place.

While driving, I noticed the price of the unleaded gasoline.. That is the highest that I have seen in my entire life, 79 pesos (~USD 1.51). Oh.. I can’t imagine how other people could survive going to and fro their houses with this price.

I seldom go out because I really would like to spend time at home and also because of the fuel price.

My youngest child was so happy to be spending the day with me in the grocery store. We arrived there at 11 in the morning. Although she ate heavy breakfast, when she saw the pizza, she told me to eat first before we buy the groceries.

She ate 1 big slice of cheese pizza and fries. It was her first time to dip the fries unto mayonnaise with catsup. She finished eating after an hour.. Haha.. Then we started to buy groceries.

I felt so blessed to be able to buy my children’s needs and wants. If not with my husband’s job and hard work, we will not be able to afford what we are having now. I might be working again and let my children be taken cared of by nannies.

We have just started to buy groceries in the picture. One thing about my daughters, they are not asking for many things inside the grocery stores. They are very particular on what they are going to buy. I am not telling them to be mindful of the price but they are really concern if the item is expensive.

I don’t know what will happen in the future here in the Philippines. I pray and hope that everything will be well. People will be able to start again after this pandemic. Our next president will lead us to a better future.






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